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I do studio caricatures from reference photos and live caricatures at events (parties, corporate events, feasts, weddings, etc.).

In addition, I also paint in my studio when live models are sitting in front of me - this technique is less stylized and more realistic (check out my portrait project).

Studio Caricatures

For my studio work I need a good reference picture for painting. I usually paint with charcoal and soft pastels on high-quality A3 size paper and I require 2 days to complete the work.

You can choose a colour range - black+white or in color. 

For more information please contact me, asI know some wishes may vary. 

Studio Caricature costs: 700 DKK (1 person), 1200 DKK (couple), 1800 DKK (3 persons).  (*shipping is not included )

Want to be painted like a model?

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This kind of painting is truly something special (and I love it). You will enjoy your time being a model in my studio sitting in front of me.

This technique is less stylize and more realistic (check my portrait project).

For this special wish please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will send you a booking page for your spot.

Personal portrait costs: 1800 DKK (1 person).

Live Caricatures

My Live Caricatures are delightful entertainment and party favours for your guests at any kind of festive gathering.  Wedding receptions are a fantastic fit for my performance art!

My service area for events is in Odense and close area around. There is a two-hour minimum for all events. Depending on distance, there may be a three-hour or more minimum.

View details here or simply ask for more:

Price for 1 hour: 1300 DKK (2 hours minimum for event). Including all material.

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